How to Find Upcoming Cycling Races

Going for a cycling race is one of the fun things you can do if you are a rider. It can, however, get difficult when you are trying to identify upcoming races that you can participate in. Some of the ways to go about it are as follows.

Do an Online Search

Sometimes, all you have to do is do an online search for you to find a list of upcoming events. If you want to get a perfect match, you should ensure that you are very specific with what you want. For instance, instead of searching for “Upcoming Cycling Races”, add your exact location, or a particular search word like upcoming cycling races for women. You should curate it based on what you are looking for. You can also subscribe to news items that give constant notifications upcoming events.

Join Cycling Clubs

Being a member of a cycling club teaches you things like important items for cycling, how to become better, and also provides networking opportunities. You will also learn so much about upcoming activities, including cycle racing events. Sometimes, it is these cycling clubs that organise for cycling events, so it is essential to join one. It is even better if you join a cycling club near you so that you do not have problems with attending some of the events they plan.

Use Social Media

There are many reasons why you should join social media if you are passionate about cycling. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and blogs always have interesting facts about upcoming events. To make things easier, you should consider following some of the famous cyclists. This is because they are likely to know about cycling races and other events that are coming up. They always post such information on their websites, making things easier for you if you are looking for the info.

How to Prepare for Your First Cycling Race

There is a thrill that comes with going on a cycling race. The feeling of the wind against your face, while you are surrounded by other cyclists who share the same passion, is incomparable. If you are planning on going for your first cycling race, you need to be well prepared. Some of the tips that work are:

Know the Course

You need to understand the path and terrain that you will be using. Get the map so that you start getting acquainted with the environment. You should know whether you will be going uphill, if the roads are lined with thickets and other information. Other than getting the map and knowing the course, you should also understand the kind of competitors you will have on the race and their speed.

Get the Right Gear

Make sure that you have the right clothes. they should be breathable for when you are sweating, and they should also be weather friendly. There are other items such as a heart rate monitor that will make your experience easier. Also, get protective attire like a good helmet and reflector jacket.

Ensure Bicycle is Fine

Your bicycle should be in the right state. When it comes to cycling for beginners, the first tip is to ensure the bicycle is the right fit, the chair is comfortable, and the screws and bolts have been fitted well. A few days before the race, you should take your bicycle to the mechanics so that they can examine it and tell you if it is in good shape.

Have Fun

Always remember to have fun. Even though it is a race, do not put too much pressure on winning that you forget to have fun. Interact with some of the other bikers, tell them how excited you are about the race, and let everything else fall into place without stress.

Beginners Guide to Cycle Racing

If you enjoy riding your bike then it is time for you to add a new thrill by trying out cycle racing. You do not have to be a professional cyclist to do it. Some of the tips that will make you get better at cycling and make it easier to win a cycling race are as follows.

Get the Height of the Seat Right

Most often when cyclists are getting some sort of pain on the front part of their knees, it is because the seat is too low. This is a mistake that is common among beginners who feel that they are safer when they are lower and their feet can touch the ground if need be. On the contrary, when the seat is too low, you are more at risk of being injured. Bump the saddle so that your knees are slightly bent when you are doing the pedal stroke.

Get Fit

If you are going to get into cycle racing, you should try and get fit so that your muscles do not get sore. Other than cycling regularly before the main race, you should also do aerobics so that your lungs and heart are strong enough to handle the race. Getting fit also includes eating the right food especially as the date of the race nears. You can choose to work with a fitness instructor.

Work With a Team

Things get easier if you practice with a team. You will learn how to ride with many people and how to manoeuvre through many riders. Working with a team also gives you the motivation to keep moving and you also get to learn more tips and tricks especially if you train with more experienced people. Having a good team also means that you will get information on upcoming races that you can participate in.

Information About Cycle Racing You Should Know

Cycle racing is a sport where bicycles compete on roads. Racing has become a great profession with the number of competitors, more racing events and a lot of fans. A lot of competition formats are available, but only two are essential. Mass start competition; this is where there is a simultaneous start of riders, and they race up to a finish point. Timed competition; individuals or teams compete against some given duration of time. Stage competitions usually take days and consists of mass and time competitions for riders. Racing in France, Spain, and Italy has become popular.

Cycling sport is ruled under the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), which is the governing body. Racing originated late in the 19th century. Cycling started as an organised sport, and ever since, it has been included in the Olympic Games during the summer. Competitive countries in the cycling races are Belgium, France, and Italy. Countries like Columbia, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland joined the cycle racing, after the Second World War.

Cycling racing within organisations brought up the rise of administrative groups. Britain’s began in 1878, with France, the Netherlands, Germany and Sweden having the growth of groups in the years 1881, 1883, 1884 and 1900, respectively. The International Cycling Association was the first international body for racing, and Henry Sturmey was the founder. The association was opened in 1892, and its first championship was held in Chicago that year. On April 15th, 1900, the Union Cycliste Internationale was formed during the Paris Olympics, and Britain became a member later in 1903. The UCI is based in Switzerland and has been running the cycling sport ever since.

Cycle Betting

Cycling hasn’t been a universal sport, but it has a fan base in almost every continent. Saying that it’s not a favourite sport for the fans staying in countries where they can’t bet physically; they bet using cycling betting platforms on the internet. Placing bets online about cycling events should not be random, and a lot of thinking should be put to the stakes. There are different betting sites which offer a range of betting options, and also advise on popular events all over the continent.

Betting on many different cycling events is possible, but the popular betting cycle event is the Tour de France, taking into consideration it’s the most iconic event in the racing programme yearly. Other favourite games are the Vuelta a Espana and the Giro d’Italia.

Bet Types and Odds in Cycling

Like any other sport, there is also a variety of betting options in cycling too. The most popular bet by the cycling fans is to bet on an outright winner in any cycling event. Subscribing to cycling tips targets seasoned bettors, who are willing to take the risk on money, by betting on cycling bets, where you guess the country of an event winner.

Tips to Win in Cycling Betting

When you are a cycling bettor, you have to look for the best odds of racing, and offers, such as the Unibet betting website. A variety of odds are aplenty when you search for them. With such a strategy, you will be able to choose the best odds, on who will win in the cycling event. After figuring out your best odds in the market, be detailed before betting with real money. Look at the previous records of cyclists, and teams, because you will risk money on the bet.

5 Pieces of Gear For A New Cyclist

There are a lot of items that are usually available for bikers in a bikers’ shop but most of these accessories are not really important. A beginner doesn’t need a fancy gear to start cycling and you can even find many people cycling with regular clothes. There are some items that you need to get to make it comfortable and safe to ride your bicycle.

Here are eight items that you should get before you start cycling:

  • 1. Helmet

If you are thinking about safety when cycling then you know you need to get a helmet. Although it is safe riding a bike, it is still very important to have a helmet on. There is a small chance of crashing when riding a bicycle. Helmets will protect your head, especially from small crashes. When buying a helmet, don’t buy a used one because after three years it will no longer be effective. It is also important to buy a helmet helmet that fits the shape of your head so it is comfortable. You also don’t need a helmet with a visor because it is meant for mountain riders and it would only end up catching the wind on your face.

  • 2. Multi-Tool

This is a gadget that every cyclist needs to have with them. The multi-tool allows you to adjust your brakes. It is usually very small in size and can easily fit in a saddle bag. There are different types available like the one that comes with five Allen keys. You can decide on how many features you want to get but for beginners, it is better to get a regular set that would allow you to adjust the features on your bike.

  • 3 Repair Kit

This is another item you need with you when cycling. If you find yourself with flat tires on the road, you will need a repair kit that comes with a spare tube, levers and pumps. The full-sized pumps are usually better than the mini-pumps but in case you find it hard carrying the larger one, it is still better to have one than having none at all.

  • 4. Lock

Do you want to know what happens if you ever leave your bicycle outside without a lock on it? Having a lock on your bike is very important so your bike is safe. If you want to keep your bike away from thieves it is better to buy a good lock. You can get the best protection for your bike by getting D-shaped locks that come with a hefty armouring that is around the lock itself. You can also get foldable locks and chain locks which are also good options for keeping your bike safe.

  • 5. Your outfit

As it happens during European football championship betting, you should also get good clothes that will make you feel comfortable on your bike. Clothes like jerseys and shorts are very simple and affordable. There are jerseys that come in versions for men and women. It is also more preferable to put on bib shorts because they feel really comfortable on the skin and it makes you look sporty. They are usually very stretchy and you can easily move your body in them. The material is breathable which means you don’t have to worry about sweating. You just have to wash it immediately after you wear it.

Cycling and Modern Day Betting Tips

Cycling is one of the oldest sports in the world. The first ever cycling event was recorded in Paris at Saint-Cloud Park on May 31,1868. Afterwards, cycling became popular, and it spread quickly to other parts of the world. Its cost-effective nature, as well as the ease to use it, were the main reasons for this takeover.

Modern Day Cycle Racing

A body governs cycling as a sport, called the Union Cycliste Internationale. This agency coordinates and supervises professional races for both men, and women, throughout the world. There are different categories of cycling events that players can place their stake on. The following are some of the most popular cycle racing events:

  • Road Racing

This type of race is conducted on paved roads. It can be divided into time trials, road races, and criteriums. Road races take place on public roads and are team oriented. They can be held on open, or partially closed, streets with, or without, controlled traffic safety measures put in place

  • Track Racing

This is done in a velodrome with two banked turns and straights. The velodromes can be outdoors or indoors and are between 150-500 metres. Track racing events include pursuit, sprint, points race, the one-kilometre trial, and keirin. Keirin is popular in Japan because betting on its outcome is legal in the country

  • Mountain Biking

The competitors in this race use large bikes with suspension components. Rough terrains are their playing field, and they usually race downhill

  • Cyclo-Cross or Cross-Country Racing

This event requires the competitors to walk or run at certain sections of the race. Riders dismount their bikes, to hurdle specific barriers that they may come across. It is a composition of the steeplechase, mountain biking, and road cycling. Cyclo-cross riders can ride up to three bikes during the race

  • BMX Racing

It is the most popular racing event amongst bettors in Europe, Australia, and in the United States. It made its Olympic debut in 2008, at the Beijing games. It has race circuits, which are 350 metres long, and has turns accompanied by long jumps. The race is composed of eight riders, who compete for the top four positions and later face off in the next round

  • Cycle Race Betting

Over the recent years betting on cycling events has become increasingly popular. Bettors who are familiar with cycling events are exposed to a variety of markets that they can stake on. However, cycle betting is a challenging task. Bettors have to keenly analyse the form of the cyclists that are participating on a given event. Competitors have different strengths and weaknesses. It is therefore essential that you select the one who is deemed fit for the race. If not, you might end up losing a lot of money in the due process of betting. It usually is advisable that the bettors take the live bet route because they can watch the progress of cyclists, and place a sober bet in the long run

Similarly, the strength of a team is critical. This is because this determines the support that the competitors will get from their teammates. According to the Union Cycliste Internationale ranking, the top five quickest response teams are Quick-Step, BMC, Movistar, Sky, and Orica respectively. The bettor should, therefore, pick a competitor whose team has a quick responsive edge.

Cycle Racing and Betting Tips

Racing is among the most rated tough sports, and being physically active, won’t make you the best rider, or win the race. You must understand some rules, know your weak and strong areas, and how much effort you put in. Cyclists who realise their strength, and have the right timing, always achieve their best during racing. Racing is a highly commendable hobby, but at the same time intimidating. Here are some tips for cycle racing you should know.

Energy Conservation

Races mostly end up as three, four or five most explosive moments, which need effort. You need to close the gap between you and the other cyclists, hold the wheel when climbing up, and respond to attack, or having the power sprint. These moments require lots of effort from the racer, hence wasting energy on things that don’t matter isn’t advised. You need to save energy for the third part of the race. The winning shot comes during this moment. At the start, many people always want to get away; let them be and save that energy for your last moments of the race.

Study Wind Flow

You have to know the course map beforehand and get to know the direction of the wind, and where it’s blowing from. Crosswinds usually split the bunch, and turn the race upside down. When the race is approaching a corner, and there is a strong wind, you have to be at the front of the bunch, to avoid the turn of the coming crosswinds. This can be difficult, but it will be easier to cycle in front of the echelon with the crosswinds, rather than being alone. Knowing the flow of the wind is essential, and helps in hiding in the bunch of riders. Keeping your nose away from the wind will give you more energy to finish the race.

Have the Finishing Distance Judgment

Starting to sprint at 200m is entirely arbitrary, and it’s a good gauge in races, where finishing is fast and flat. With a finish which is on a climb, it will be premature to start a sprint with 200m to go. You can judge a finishing sprint, depending on your body effort, and the amount of time you have. With a flat finish, start sprinting within the distance of 200m, but if its uphill, drag it out to a range of 100m. Racing has imitated life, and shown how it has corrupted influence in civilisation. Racing is tight and needs planning.

Be Knowledgeable of the Gap

Learn to know how much distance you have between the gaps. The vision of any break, means you have to watch for the time of the gap, during which the last rider passed it, until reaching the front. Anytime you are racing, there must be someone to let you know how far in front you are, or how behind you are.

Keep Records of Your Front Wheel

Being responsible for your bike is literal and figurative. Being in charge of your front wheel means you have a look at someone who is in front of you, and it also makes you responsible for holding your line, and not to divert to someone next to you. You have to race with respect and be safe.

Racing is a tough sport, and the tips above may be of help; to gain race experience, you have to know there is no substitute.

Cycle Racing and Betting

On this site, we will offer information as to what you should know concerning cycle racing. It is an important subject. In one section, we cover everything you want to know about cycle racing and betting. Cycle racing starts when one has the passion for the sport. We include what is needed, and how the idea can be brought to action. A person needs to research, and have information about cycle racing, and all the events. The site also talks about different racing events, and even the history of cycling, and the rise of organisations to protect cyclists.

In the site, we also cover the necessary processes, for readers to study, required for cycling. We also look into different plans which will make cycling a vital sport all over the world. In the site, we talk about different cycling events and even different types of riders. Different road race types are also discussed, for the reader to go through. Also, we have highlighted tactics like drifting, breaks, terrain conditions and speed. In this site, we even talk about different stages racing, bicycle racing such as the grand tours, world tours, the Olympic Games, and international development. Cycling seasons and championships are also in the site.

Cycling is a good sport and needs proper implementation. Tips for being a good cyclist are also in the site. From the site, a rider can get information on cycling. Cycling enthusiasts are what makes us tick. A lot of revised races are created annually, and you can check in the number of times a year. We have also highlighted racing rules, and types of clothes and shoes, to use in racing. Betting rules and tips have also been covered in the site, giving bettors knowledge for betting on events, and how to spend that hard-earned money.

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The betting options that are available the first time that you use a site can seem confusing if you’ve never used them before. Whether you’re unsure about matched deposits or uncertain about when you’ll be able to withdraw any money that comes from a matched bet, we are here to help cut through the confusion and get you the answers about cycling betting that you’re looking for. Whether you’re an experienced cycling gambler or are just dabbling in an area that’s currently brand new to you for the very first time, we’re sure that we’ll have an article that’s useful to you and will help you to take your love of the sport that little step further.

The first thing that you’ll need to know about if you decide you want to try betting on a cycling race is which cyclists have the best odds of doing well. This can be a bit more complex than it sounds at first, since most cyclists have strengths and weaknesses. These don’t just present themselves from one tournament to another but at particular stages within each individual tournament. For example, the Tour de France, which is the most famous of all the global cycling races, features mountain stages and flat stages. It’s very likely that the winner of one of these stages will struggle in the other type and the winner may be that rare type of cyclist who is able to deal with all the different types of terrain that a multi-week cycle race challenge will throw at them.

On the other hand, if you’re betting on cycling races then you’ll probably also want to think about single day and track events. The cyclists who take part in these events require very different skills such as specialised sprinting abilities, in comparison to those who take part in the much longer endurance races. Again, this a specific group of skills and people that you’ll need to make yourself fully aware of before you start betting on cycling races. If you try to apply the knowledge that you’ve picked up from one type of cycling race to the information that you have about the runners and riders in a different type of race, then you may find yourself coming unstuck. This site is here to help you avoid these types of problems and make the right decisions when it comes to placing sports bets on cycling.

However you decide to bet on cycling, we’re sure that you’ll find a race or cyclist that you can get behind and become excited about. We hope that you enjoy finding the perfect race and wish you every success when you start placing bets. You’ll discover just how much fun being involved in the world of cycling can be.