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How to Find Upcoming Cycling Races

Going for a cycling race is one of the fun things you can do if you are a rider. It can, however, get difficult when you are trying to identify upcoming races that you can participate in. Some of the ways to go about it are as follows. Do an Online Search Sometimes, all you… Read more »

How to Prepare for Your First Cycling Race

There is a thrill that comes with going on a cycling race. The feeling of the wind against your face, while you are surrounded by other cyclists who share the same passion, is incomparable. If you are planning on going for your first cycling race, you need to be well prepared. Some of the tips… Read more »

Beginners Guide to Cycle Racing

If you enjoy riding your bike then it is time for you to add a new thrill by trying out cycle racing. You do not have to be a professional cyclist to do it. Some of the tips that will make you get better at cycling and make it easier to win a cycling race… Read more »

Information About Cycle Racing You Should Know

Cycle racing is a sport where bicycles compete on roads. Racing has become a great profession with the number of competitors, more racing events and a lot of fans. A lot of competition formats are available, but only two are essential. Mass start competition; this is where there is a simultaneous start of riders, and… Read more »

5 Pieces of Gear For A New Cyclist

There are a lot of items that are usually available for bikers in a bikers’ shop but most of these accessories are not really important. A beginner doesn’t need a fancy gear to start cycling and you can even find many people cycling with regular clothes. There are some items that you need to get… Read more »

Cycling and Modern Day Betting Tips

Cycling is one of the oldest sports in the world. The first ever cycling event was recorded in Paris at Saint-Cloud Park on May 31,1868. Afterwards, cycling became popular, and it spread quickly to other parts of the world. Its cost-effective nature, as well as the ease to use it, were the main reasons for… Read more »

Cycle Racing and Betting Tips

Racing is among the most rated tough sports, and being physically active, won’t make you the best rider, or win the race. You must understand some rules, know your weak and strong areas, and how much effort you put in. Cyclists who realise their strength, and have the right timing, always achieve their best during… Read more »

Cycle Racing and Betting

On this site, we will offer information as to what you should know concerning cycle racing. It is an important subject. In one section, we cover everything you want to know about cycle racing and betting. Cycle racing starts when one has the passion for the sport. We include what is needed, and how the… Read more »

About Our Blog

This blog is the place to find out everything that you could possibly need to know about cycling races. Our specialist area of focus is betting on cycling races and how to get the greatest possible rate of return from any bets that you choose to place. As well as letting you know what races… Read more »