Beginners Guide to Cycle Racing

If you enjoy riding your bike then it is time for you to add a new thrill by trying out cycle racing. You do not have to be a professional cyclist to do it. Some of the tips that will make you get better at cycling and make it easier to win a cycling race are as follows.

Get the Height of the Seat Right

Most often when cyclists are getting some sort of pain on the front part of their knees, it is because the seat is too low. This is a mistake that is common among beginners who feel that they are safer when they are lower and their feet can touch the ground if need be. On the contrary, when the seat is too low, you are more at risk of being injured. Bump the saddle so that your knees are slightly bent when you are doing the pedal stroke.

Get Fit

If you are going to get into cycle racing, you should try and get fit so that your muscles do not get sore. Other than cycling regularly before the main race, you should also do aerobics so that your lungs and heart are strong enough to handle the race. Getting fit also includes eating the right food especially as the date of the race nears. You can choose to work with a fitness instructor.

Work With a Team

Things get easier if you practice with a team. You will learn how to ride with many people and how to manoeuvre through many riders. Working with a team also gives you the motivation to keep moving and you also get to learn more tips and tricks especially if you train with more experienced people. Having a good team also means that you will get information on upcoming races that you can participate in.