Cycling and Modern Day Betting Tips

Cycling is one of the oldest sports in the world. The first ever cycling event was recorded in Paris at Saint-Cloud Park on May 31,1868. Afterwards, cycling became popular, and it spread quickly to other parts of the world. Its cost-effective nature, as well as the ease to use it, were the main reasons for this takeover.

Modern Day Cycle Racing

A body governs cycling as a sport, called the Union Cycliste Internationale. This agency coordinates and supervises professional races for both men, and women, throughout the world. There are different categories of cycling events that players can place their stake on. The following are some of the most popular cycle racing events:

  • Road Racing

This type of race is conducted on paved roads. It can be divided into time trials, road races, and criteriums. Road races take place on public roads and are team oriented. They can be held on open, or partially closed, streets with, or without, controlled traffic safety measures put in place

  • Track Racing

This is done in a velodrome with two banked turns and straights. The velodromes can be outdoors or indoors and are between 150-500 metres. Track racing events include pursuit, sprint, points race, the one-kilometre trial, and keirin. Keirin is popular in Japan because betting on its outcome is legal in the country

  • Mountain Biking

The competitors in this race use large bikes with suspension components. Rough terrains are their playing field, and they usually race downhill

  • Cyclo-Cross or Cross-Country Racing

This event requires the competitors to walk or run at certain sections of the race. Riders dismount their bikes, to hurdle specific barriers that they may come across. It is a composition of the steeplechase, mountain biking, and road cycling. Cyclo-cross riders can ride up to three bikes during the race

  • BMX Racing

It is the most popular racing event amongst bettors in Europe, Australia, and in the United States. It made its Olympic debut in 2008, at the Beijing games. It has race circuits, which are 350 metres long, and has turns accompanied by long jumps. The race is composed of eight riders, who compete for the top four positions and later face off in the next round

  • Cycle Race Betting

Over the recent years betting on cycling events has become increasingly popular. Bettors who are familiar with cycling events are exposed to a variety of markets that they can stake on. However, cycle betting is a challenging task. Bettors have to keenly analyse the form of the cyclists that are participating on a given event. Competitors have different strengths and weaknesses. It is therefore essential that you select the one who is deemed fit for the race. If not, you might end up losing a lot of money in the due process of betting. It usually is advisable that the bettors take the live bet route because they can watch the progress of cyclists, and place a sober bet in the long run

Similarly, the strength of a team is critical. This is because this determines the support that the competitors will get from their teammates. According to the Union Cycliste Internationale ranking, the top five quickest response teams are Quick-Step, BMC, Movistar, Sky, and Orica respectively. The bettor should, therefore, pick a competitor whose team has a quick responsive edge.